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Office Furniture
General Use:
Commercial Furniture
Place of Origin:
Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
Brand Name:


Easy to create clean and sanitary space due to excellent surface finish

>> Characteristics

  1. Easy to create clean and sanitary space due to excellent surface finish
  2. Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance and good insulation, sound insulation effect.
  3. Creating interior effect with various colors
  4. Excellent fire prevention performance due to good durability, high thermal cut out effect

>> Applications


- Use of lightweight partitions : Space division of nonbearing wall that does not get load of building Structures

  • Business Facilities : ffice building, sales and marketing facilities, rental space, cultural and convention facilities, sports facilities etc.
  • Sanitary facilities : agricultural and marine products processing and sales facilities, drug manufacturing / distribution facilities, hospitals, nursing facilities etc.
  • Research / education facilities : military facilities, generation/ substation facilities, education and Research Facilities, welfare facilities, telephone offices, post offices etc.
  • Industrial facilities : factory facilities, storage facilities, automobile-related facilities, hazardous materials storage facilities
  • Constructability : Construction is easy because product configuration and construction method are similar to steel wall plate of existing SGP type.