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Office Furniture
General Use:
Commercial Furniture
Place of Origin:
Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
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Eco-friendly materials, Excellent variability, Reducing the term of works (time required -1.8 min/ m2 per unit area) etc.

>> Characteristics


- Eco-friendly materials


  • Eco-friendly anti flammable Polyester Textile material for cloth materials
  • Scattering dust does not occur since Polyester thread is overlapped
  • Self-extinguishing material with almost no toxic gas emission due to almost no flames while burning
  • Creating an independent space by blocking the surrounding noise with excellent sound-absorbing material



-  Reducing the term of works

  • Excellent term of works reduction effect due to easy constructio

1.Installing upper U-bar
2.Installing lower U-bar
3.Installing unit partition
4.Attaching washboard


-  Excellent variability, recyclability

  • All in one product of plant production type and partition positioning, easily changeable without material damage in partial replacement, removing and reconstruction is possible