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Office Furniture
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Commercial Furniture
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Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
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One end of the steel sheet is formed in "Z" shape, attached to the stud and fixed with a bolt and a permanent magnet.

>> Outline


- S.M.P Normal type

One end of the steel sheet is formed in "Z" shape, attached to the stud and fixed with a bolt and a permanent magnet. The other end is shaped like a channel, overlapping the opposite section and separable by a permanent magnet


- S.M.P Display type

The steel partition panel is formed with a long and narrow channel and installed with LED lighting. The light radiating from the partition panel makes this panel an excellent material for interior finishing.


>> SMP feature and technology

> No Joint - no gap between the panels

The panels are fixed with permanent magnets and without joints, which is unavoidable in bolt joint panels. This feature improves the overall appearance of the partition walls.


>Simple and easy installation, dlsmatlement and partlal replacement

Because the panels can be temporarily fixed with permanent magnets, installation and dismantling are simple, easy, and highly efficient. Partial replacement is allowed.(Highly recyclable)


> Open system

The panels are designed with an ‘Open Concept’ to enable structural rearrangement after installation, and the installation of cables, communication and lighting apparatuses, provide high adaptability for any circumstances


> Enhanced dsign

Additional finishing work (wall paper, sheet and marble application, etc.) after the interior wall finish (gypsum board, MDF, plywood, etc.) can be completed with the printed steel sheet, providing ‘art walls’ to residential and commercial spaces.


>> Applications


Application of lightweight partition : non-bearing walls for space division in buildings


-  Commercial buildings :

neighborhood facilities, social establishments, etc.
Business facilities :
office buildings, sales/business facilities, rental spaces, etc.


-  Hygiene facilities :

food processing/sales, production/distribution of medicines, hospitals, etc.
Research/education facilities :
power plants and substations, R&D/training facilities, welfare facilities, etc.


- Industrial facilities :

factories, warehouses, automotive facilities, hazardous material storage, etc.